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We’ll check the air quality of your home by our special air quality pollution meter.

Suggestion of plants

We’ll suggest you which plant and how many plants will be required in a room to decrease  the air pollution rate of indoor.

free service for 30 days

After choosing  the plants we’ll provide you the free service for 30 day and observe the plants by visiting 4 time in first month. 

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Snake Plant

Bamboo Palm

Spider Plant

Gerbera Daisy

Aloe Vera

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Active mold growth in your home can cause health problems and damage to materials. Formaldehyde, often found in pressed wood and particleboard used in new furniture and building materials also pose a health risk. This NASA approved indoor plants will improve the air quality and you can analyzes the change in your health. The causes of unhealthy air in your home or office by revealing levels of  volatile organic compounds VOCs, the gasses emitted by mold, and it tests for levels of formaldehyde and other chemicals.

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